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Medical Insurance

(fully paid for each full-time employee)

Meridian Airport Authority provides employer-paid medical coverage to each of its full-time employees. MAA has selected Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi to support employees in managing their health and, ultimately, their healthcare costs. BCBS-MS does this by focusing on preventing health issues through partnership with Network Providers who are committed to delivering quality care focused on patients and positive outcomes.

Dependent Health Insurance Match: Effective January 1, 2020, Meridian Airport Authority will pay 25% of any dependent health care insurance purchased through the Authority's healthcare plan. 

To better manage healthcare costs, this benefit will include occasional on-site workplace wellness clinics offering health screenings, flu shots, and healthy lifestyle training. Additionally, a $75.00 gift card will be provided annually to any employee who completes their "Healthy You" check-up. An additional $150.00 gift card will be provided to each employee who participates in a colonoscopy when recommended by "Healthy You" guidelines. Gift cards shall be provided upon submittal of confirmation of the visit signed by a doctor. 



If you need assistance or more information contact Charlie Armes at (601) 485-0688, Ext. 237 or You may also contact Jerome Roberts at (601) 482-0364, Ext. 107 or

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