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(fully paid for all full-time and part-time employees and their families)


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Your SwiftMD membership is a health benefit provided to you and your family by Meridian Airport Authority. Our U.S.-trained and board-certified doctors are available for consults by phone or videoconference, from your home, office, or on the road. SwiftMD physicians can diagnose, recommend treatment, and submit prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice.

Your SwiftMD membership is a health benefit provided to you and your family by your employer, Meridian Airport Authority, through Benefits Management Group.

To access your account online, go to and click “Get Started.”

You can use Group Passcode: MERAIRAUTH21.

Some of the Benefits of SwiftMD:

  • 24/7 nationwide access to U.S. Board-Certified physicians
  • Convenient consults from your home, office, or on the road, usually within 30 minutes
  • Doctor makes diagnosis and recommends treatment, and sends prescriptions to your preferred local pharmacy
  • Avoid unnecessary visits to the ER and Urgent Care, or long waits for appointments at your doctor’s office
  • No co-pays and no cost to you! Meridian Airport Authority is paying for your membership!

To Access your SwiftMD Account:

Simply call our Toll-Free Phone Number (1-833-794-3863) when seeking health advice. Your membership will be verified, and then your appointment will be scheduled! Receive a call back within 30 minutes of scheduling your appointment!

If you need assistance or more information contact Charlie Armes at (601) 485-0688, Ext. 237 or You may also contact Jerome Roberts at (601) 482-0364, Ext. 107 or

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