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(for all employees)

IRS Withholding Calculator

The IRS encourages everyone to use the Withholding Calculator to perform a quick “paycheck checkup.”  This is even more important following the recent changes to the tax law.

Click Here for IRS Calculator


PERS Benefit Estimate Calculator

This calculator generates an unaudited estimate of your future benefits, which should not be relied on for purposes of retirement planning. Your actual retirement benefits will be based on an official PERS estimate, calculated by PERS under the provisions of the applicable law using the actuarial assumptions in effect at the time of your retirement. If you are within one year of retirement or would like a more comprehensive estimate than what is generated here, please contact PERS for an official estimate.

Click Here for PERS Calculator


Wellness and Financial Calculators

Mississippi Deferred Compensation/Empower Retirement officers several calculators to help with saving, spending, planning, and your overall financial wellness including managing your monthly budget, emergency savings, your retirement lifestyle, borrowing from a retirement plan, withdrawals before retirement, withdrawals in retirement, required minimum distribution, retirement planner, pension calculator, retirement account rollover, pretax vs Roth analyzer, Roth conversion analyzer, growing your investment, investing with your health savings account, saving for higher education, debt payoff, paying debt vs investing, student loan refinancing, mortgage refinancing, and life insurance.

Click Here for Wellness and Financial Calculators

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