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Key Brothers Aviation Site

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The Key Brothers Aviation Site is a publicly-owned, 130 acre site located in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, 1.5 miles south of I-20 and I-59. This industrial property is adjacent to US Highway 11 and features the longest public runway in Mississippi at 10,003 feet. The site is certified by Goldsmith Strategic Services and is equipped with water, sewer, natural gas, electricity, and fiber optic on site. There are no impediments to immediate construction.The airport offers an air traffic control tower, large fire station operated by the Air National Guard, and a cooperative attitude toward all stakeholders. These features combined with a strong workforce makes this a premier aviation site in the Southeast.


Site Overview




Site Ownership

Site Acreage


Land for purchase or lease

Property tax

Distance to interstate or highway

Proximity to transportation resources

Rail Service

Existing facilities

Lat. 32.325891/Long. -88.750577

Meridian, Mississippi



115 acres



Developments on Airport Authority property are fully exempt from all ad valorem property tax

1.5 miles south of 1-20/59

Commercial Air Service (Daily flights to Houston, TX), Interstate 20/59 - 1.5 miles, Two Class I Railroads less than 2 miles, River port - 52 miles, Sea Container Port - 136 miles

Rail spur can be extended to the site

Site joins Taxiway A, which connects directly to each runway

4.3 acre concrete apron with 75 ft wide taxiway through center of site

Site Utilities

Electric lines serving the site

Natural gas

Water line size serving site

Water system capacity

Excess water capacity

Wastewater line size serving the site

Wastewater system capacity

Excess wastewater capacity

Mississippi Power 12.47 kV (Substation adjacent to site)

4" line at 150 psi


15.6 MGD

7.3 MGD


18 MGD


Site Technical Studies and Reports

Phase I Environmental Review

Cultural Artifacts Survey

Wetlands Delineation

Endangered Species


2016  No concerns

2016  None found

2018  None found

2016  None found

2016  Results on file

Airspace Facts

Approach control


Nearby navaids


Nearby airports with instrument procedures

Meridian Approach

Memphis Center

Meridian Vortac, 3.8 nautical miles on 131 radial

Kewanee Vortac, 15 nautical miles on 258 radial 

KNMM- Meridian Naval Air Station 17 nautical miles northeast

KNJM- Joe Williams Naval Outlying Field 28 Nautical miles north

Name and identifier 

Airport owner

Runway lengths

Airfield lighting

Operational & regulatory restrictions

Noise restrictions or complaints

Fuel capacity

Control tower

Flight testing area

Primary type of aircraft using facility

Instrument approaches


Number of airport operations

Airport rescue firefighting 

Elevation above sea level

Weather information

VOR checkpoint

Military tenants 

Airport Facts

Key Field Airport (MEI) 

Meridian Airport Authority

Runway 1/19: 10,003 x 150 ft. / 3,049 x 46 m - grooved asphalt

Runway 4/22: 4,599 x 150 ft. / 1,402 x 46 m - asphalt 

High Intensity Runway Lights Runway 01/19, Medium Intensity Runway Lights Runway 04/22, MALSR on both 01 and 19



Jet A (42,000 gallons) and 100LL (20,000 gallons) available on site from the Meridian Airport Authority

Operates from 6 A.M. until 10 P.M. daily

Adjacent to airport

Military Tactical Jet and Transport Aircraft including the KC-135, CH-47, C-17,    T-45, T-1, T-38, F-18, F-5 and assorted business jets

ILS or LOC RWY 01, ILS or LOC RWY 19, RNAV (GPS) RWY 01, RNAV (GPS) RWY 19, RNAV (GPS) RWY 04, RNAV (GPS) RWY 22, VOR-A, HI-TACAN or VOR/DME B, Radar Approach Procedures Available 

71,629 in calendar year 2018

Provided by Mississippi Air National Guard 


ASOS on field

VOR checkpoint on field 

G.V. Sonny Montgomery National Guard Complex hosting the 186th Air Refueling Wing, 248th Air Traffic Control Squadron and the 155th Army Aviation Support Facility 

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