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Meridian Aviation is a division of Meridian Airport Authority, along with Meridian Regional Airport and Dean Aircraft Service. Meridian Regional Airport is the busiest airport in the state of Mississippi, with an average of _____ flights per year. 

In 2022, Meridian Aviation served 9,600 customers, who were part of military travel, business travel, and private travel. We have ___ full-time employees and ___ part-time employees who strive to make a positive impression all customers who come into our building. Our FBO has 40,000 square feet of hangar space plus covered and uncovered hangars where we can house both long-term and short-term rentals. 

Our goal is to provide fuel that exceeds FAA, DoD, and airline industry standards.  Line Service Techs ensure we dispense clean Jet-A and AVGAS by rigorous testing and evaluation of fuel samples daily.  All stages of fuel handling (receiving/storage/dispensing) are performed utilizing detailed quality control measures. 


Meridian Airport Authority is looking for a creative and innovative person to fulfill the position of FBO Manager. This position will manage 14 employees, build relationships with customers and focus on growing the business. Our goal at Meridian Airport Authority is to be memorable and allow our customers to have a great experience at Meridian Regional Airport and Meridian, MS.


We wouldn't be anything without our employees. 

The Meridian Airport Authority is looking for hard-working, talented individuals who can add value and positively contribute to our organization. As a Meridian Airport Authority (MAA) employee, you will have a wide variety of benefits that offer you and your family important health and financial protection. Benefits elections are made by employees at the time of hire and during the annual Open Enrollment period.


MAA provides employer-paid medical coverage to each of its full-time employees. MAA has selected Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi


MAA provides employer-paid employee dental and vision coverage to each of its full-time employees. 


MAA provides employer-paid employee dental and vision coverage to each of its full-time employees. 


Meridian Airport Authority provides membership to the Public Employees’ Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) and offers Mississippi Deferred Compensation (MDC)


Time off is as important to your professional productivity as it is to your personal well-being. We offer our full-time employees several types of leave that allow you to live your life outside of the office.

For a full list of benefits, please visit


Meridian is a city of about 35,000 people, so you would naturally imagine a small-town feel, families who have known each other for generations, and a place steeped in history.


All of that’s true but, because of that history, Meridian’s location and its evolution, the city is also incredibly cosmopolitan, with a world-class theater, one  of the largest urban parks in the country, an arts center celebrating Mississippi’s enormous wealth of artists across all genres, and a historic downtown that just keeps developing.


Founded as a railroad town, Meridian has always been in the transportation forefront. Interstates 20 and 59 cut through the city, and the entire geographic area is served by Meridian Regional Airport, enhanced by the companion businesses of Meridian Aviation, a thriving FBO; and Dean Aircraft, a premier aircraft maintenance and repair facility.


Downtown, steeped in historic architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is home to the stunning Riley Performing Arts Center, a completely restored late 19th Century grand opera house that now features concerts by nationally renowned entertainers. Just around the corner is the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience (The MAX), an interactive experience that honors Mississippi’s wealth of artists, from the Father of Country Music Jimmie Rodgers, to entertainers like Morgan Freeman and writers such as John Grisham. More hands-on experiences await the children of our area at the delightful Mississippi Children’s Museum just across the overpass from The MAX.


The very walkable downtown is dotted with restaurants—including some long-time eateries like Weidmann’s and Jean’s—a growing list of retail shops, the city’s iconic Union Station and the Meridian Museum of Art. The north side of downtown is anchored by two, large regional hospitals, cementing Meridian’s role as a major health care center for the surrounding area.


It’s easy to explore the beauty of the community beyond the urban core. Nestled on the southern edge of the city, Bonita Lakes Park—a 3,300-acre, pristine area of wooded hills, lakes and nature trails—is one  of the  largest urban  parks in the country. Nearby Okatibbee Lake is a great spot for boaters, fishermen and campers; and historic Dunn’s Falls is a delight with a 65-foot waterfall and graceful water wheel.


Meridian is also a military community. Meridian Naval Air Station, located just a few miles north of the city, trains both sailors and Marines in aviation and in technical fields. Both the Mississippi National Guard and the Mississippi Air National Guard have bases adjacent to Meridian Regional Airport. 


Children inside the city are served by the Meridian Municipal School District. The adjacent Lauderdale County school district, serving students in our county but outside the city, and the Enterprise school system in neighboring Clarke County, both have A rankings from the state. The city also offers area residents the chance to further their educations beyond high school. Meridian Community College is one of the best community colleges in the state. The Mississippi State University campus in Meridian offers both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in several fields.


With its small-city roots and cosmopolitan amenities, Meridian offers wide-ranging opportunities and life experiences, with a flair that’s unique to the Queen City.